Take a food intolerance test to identify your food triggers and fast-track your elimination diet today as a registered practitioner I can help you to pinpoint what is sabotaging your health and your weight goals. 

If you've tried every which way to lose weight or if it's a health related problem that you think could be caused by what you're eating instead of moving on to the next fad why not try a Lorisian food intolerance test?  

All too often I have clients who do follow the food guidelines, who do cut out alcohol and all of the usual suspects, and yes they have results but they can still suffer with a  whole host of other symptoms.  Sometimes they just can't get rid of that last stubborn bit of weight or the bloating.  

I highly recommend having a Lorisian food intolerance test before we start to eliminate food from your diet apart from the obvious culprits like sugar, processed and alcohol there could be something else which is hindering your goals so get the full picture.  

As a Lorisian practitioner I can administer the test, send your results back, get your results and interpret them with you.  Based on these results we can then cut out harmful foods, make swaps and tailor a diet plan just for you.  

I offer this service within my personal training and nutrition coaching all you need to pay for is the test.  

If you would just like the Lorisian test and guidelines please call for prices.  

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