Nutrition Coaching 

Based upon your body metrics (weight, height, body type, age, activity levels, goals) and using the new NEO body composition monitor I can accurately assess your daily calorific needs and macronutrient splits.  Using the VG food app and  Bi weekly weigh in's and circumference measurements we can get a clearer picture of what is going on inside your body and adjust your calories/macros individually to suit just you.


The app links with my own software which tracks all of your progress you can even pair your own wearables to track all of your steps, extra sessions and of course your food giving you control and accountability which I can monitor, just use the app straight from your phone tablet or laptop as well as body composition you can have extra training sessions you can do at home or in the gym just filter your requirements. 


This is all part of my face to face personal training package.  All of your apps in one place, all of your questions answered with direct access to me at any time.

And of course, I can see exactly what you're eating I just need to log in!