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Weight lifting not only builds and tones it also gets rid of cellulite and improves the overall appearance of skin. As you know it doesn't matter what size or shape you are anyone can have cellulite. But lifting weights literally melts cellulite away within weeks.

Toning your muscles increases the muscle fibres which smooth the skin giving you a much tighter firmer body. So many times I hear women say they need to lose weight because they have 'flabby' bits or cellulite when all they really need to do is lift some weights! If anything a lot of them need to EAT MORE!

When I say eat more, I don't mean crap either, I mean good food, lean meats, fish, etc.....

Take a look in the mirror do you have cellulite? Do you have wobbly bits but you're not actually 'fat'? Then you may need to look at toning and sculpting your body as opposed to losing more weight, you should in fact be putting weight on in the form of MUSCLE!

Like I've said in previous posts your overall weight is not a reflection of what is going on under the surface of the skin. Muscle is what gives you the toned look that most of you want, not more dieting, starving and endless running on a treadmill!

Lift weights, do your cardio by all means, eat properly and you will see a remarkable difference to your body, after all no one wants to be skinny fat!

There are SO many reasons to weight train, the list is endless. But not enough women do it and I'd like to change that. I know it seems scary at first but actually it's empowering. Lifting weights is the key to a really toned body which you will not get if you keep on doing cardio. Yes you should do cardio, it's important but lifting weights is where you'll get the real results that you want.

Listening to many women over the years the first thing they say is they don't want to bulk up. Well.... That's pretty difficult, you'd literally have to train practically every day and weigh out your food to such a degree you'd need to be super dedicated plus you women do not produce enough testosterone to really build up and it would take a long time to get to that level. So stop worrying about bulking up.

I'm talking about having a super toned hot body that is tight and strong. This is what weight training will do for you, eating the right food the right amount of calories & macros, doing your cardio, working on your flexibility and learning correctly how to lift is what will get you the body you want, not endless running on treadmills! www.jdpt-fitness.com 07915918551

Learn to lift learn what to eat and then you'll have the the body that you want.

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