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Are your upper arms similar to this? Maybe they are not as extreme but the loose skin is flabby and you've stopped wearing short sleeves?

You can change this. Yes if you have fat already you would need to diet, especially in this case as there is fat, but there isn't very much muscle here either which in turn leads to the sagging skin.

'Bingo Wings' as they are named are not at all flattering but why should you hide away? You don't have to. Really you can change this so easily.

Working on the whole body to build some muscle will speed up fat loss all over and in the process those muscles will burn more fat, in fact after a weight training session you can expect to continue to burn fat for up to 24 hours after the session!! Still want to run on a treadmill for an hour? Running on said treadmill will burn fat, BUT only whilst your on it! Once you've jumped off, that's it, no more fat burning.

HIIT training is also a fantastic fat burn and that too burns fat for up to 24 hours after but if you're 'getting on a bit' it can be quite gruelling and not so kind on the joints.

Strength training and cardio like boxing and kettlebells are all amazing and quite a bit better than HIIT if you're suffering with any joint problems. But any age can start lifting you just need to do it properly and get a good coach to show you whats best for you.

Including a great diet, is of course a must because you can't out train a bad diet no matter how much you train. But 'diet' doesn't mean starving yourself I'm just referring to it as what you're eating.

The more muscle mass you build the more fat you'll burn, the more muscle mass you build the more you'll need to eat! Thats a win win.

But it needs to be good food and you need to know what you should be eating for your goals, height, weight, muscle %, fat %, visceral fat, age and activity levels! Those variables are TOTALLY unique to you.

FACT: Change takes time.

Goals are great but not all at once. Nobody can implement a whole new lifestyle in a matter of weeks, not unless they are super dedicated and generally these people will have an army of personal trainers, nutritionists, chefs, lifestyle coaches and probably a lot more around them all of the time.

Us 'normal' people can't afford that kind of support....

However, you can start to implement change over time. There is nothing stopping you from looking at what you need to change in order to feel better and look better. It can be done, it just needs dedication and planning.

Setting yourself up to change doesn't have to be hard. It can be really simple in terms of cutting back on certain habits that you have built up over the years and in some cases since childhood.

Rewarding yourself each evening with a few glasses of wine should be one habit you should cut back on maybe allow one night where you can have a few glasses of wine. Then maybe on the second month you may want to swap to a less calorific drink, and so on.

By implementing change each week/month you won't find it so hard. Rather than just saying to yourself 'I'm never drinking/eating/doing that again' which rarely ever lasts more than a few days or weeks, its much better to change slowly and steadily that way you won't feel so hard done by and miserable if you cut out everything straight away!

After all you do need to live a little!

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