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I love balancing macros, I find this works for all of my clients. Depending on your goals, are you building and toning or do you want bigger muscles? Do you need to strip fat? and of course it's completely individual to your weight, fat %, muscle %, height, age, activity levels........ So this infographic is just a snap shot of how you can change those macronutrients to work for you.

Of course you don't need to play around with macros but if you've found that you just can't lose weight or put on muscle this may be what you should be looking at?

Another thing I hear a lot is 'I don't want to bulk up' from women, well..... that isn't going to happen unless you really want it to and that is a completely different ball game!

Understandably most people are under the impression that in order to get the body that they want they need to eat less. Yes that could be the case if you have fat to lose but if you are pretty small and you just have some extra fat around certain areas you'd like to lose, no amount of dieting will get rid of it because you cannot spot fat reduce! Normally you'll just need to tone up all of your muscles all over the body, this in turn will burn those extra fat pockets. The more muscle you build the more fat you'll burn on those hard to reach fatty areas!

Guess what? In order to build muscle you need to eat more! NOT LESS! But not crap!

Again, dependant on your fat/muscle % and all of the other variables you won't know how many calories and what your macro splits should be until you have been checked out by a professional. www.jdpt-fitness.com 07915918551.

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