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New Yin Yoga Class

The Malling School Dance Studio, Monday 13th January 2020. 7pm - 8.15pm. Slow floor based Yin yoga to melt away stress & tension.

Excellent for ANYONE! If you train hard, stretch out with these long holds, if you suffer with any type of pain, back, shoulders, knees, this is for you. The only type of yoga where you could have a 20 year old fit as a fiddle sports nut or an older person with a bad back!

Yin is not for people trying to look like an Instagram photo of a yoga pose it’s for people who want to move their tight restricted bodies or work on their flexibility, calm their minds, treat their ailments and get rid of bad backs aches and pains!

It suits everyone because the poses are what YOU make of them, where YOU feel them, you let the pose in, you do not become the pose! Leave your ego at the door come along and listen to what your body is telling you. You’ll be surprised just how much better you will feel.

Yin is deeply meditative, therapeutic and it’s my favourite form of yoga. I lift weights, I have a chronic bad back and Yin keeps my soft tissues supple and hydrated. Not to mention how it helps me to de-stress. Yin is the yoga that the doctor should be telling you to do. There are no gymnastics on a mat!

come along this one is such a HIT!

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