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Plant Based Protein

Protein is found in fruits and vegetables as well as carbohydrates. Protein isn't as high in some plant based products but there is less fat and different nutrients so a mix of both animal based and plant is a great way to have a balanced diet and get a varied range of all the different nutrients that the body needs.

Some foods that include protein, pulses, tofu, soya, tempeh, nuts, seeds, certain grains and even peas. Pulses are a large group of plants, which include chickpeas, lentils, beans (such as black, kidney and adzuki beans) and split peas.

Plant based protein also contains fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Our intake of fibre tends to be too low, however by incorporating certain plant proteins into your diet, such as pulses, peas and nuts, you can easily boost your fibre intake. Peas, soya beans and green beans are all a great source of plant fibre.

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