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Skinny Fat!

So this is a typical example of a lady that probably thinks that she needs to lose weight because she has a saggy butt! But this kind of loose flabby skin can be elsewhere on the body too, thighs, stomach, arms, anywhere.

I meet a lot of ladies like this who just keep on dieting, keep on running, keep on stressing, keep on starving and they are doing EXACTLY the opposite of what they should be doing.

Typically this body type would be an ECTOMORPH, someone who finds it really hard to put on weight or muscle but also has the saggy skin due in part to excessive dieting and too much cardio.

What this lady needs is a high calorie diet of good fresh foods, lots of protein and clean carbs along with weight lifting and of course some cardio but not too much as it will eat into her muscles if she does too much.

If she finds it particularly difficult to put on any muscle then she could be eating up to 10x per day! But that is an extreme case although I have had clients that have this pre-disposition and I can tell you it is just as hard for them as it is for the overweight person just a different set of problems.

Having said this it is easier to eat more and this lady is a pretty great type of client as I would take her pretty much straight to strength training which cuts out a month or so of strip dieting.

Like I have said before in many of my posts every single person is unique and every single circumstance is different so you may find things in these posts that resonate with you but your story will always be slightly different which is why you need a bespoke plan.

Learning to lift weights does take a little time, but it's knowledge that you will never forget and being able to go into a gym confident that you can lift those weights and train in so many different ways or go into any class and know exactly how to squat or deadlift or any other exercise, is going to make a huge difference to your training for the rest of your life.

By learning how to lift you will totally transform not only your body but how you train. Training will be varied and interesting, no more wondering what to do you'll know exactly what works for you boosting your confidence and feeling fantastic is just a small part of lifting weights.

No more frustration over how to 'do it' no more endless running on treadmills but the best is the difference it will make to your body, health, strength, confidence and a whole host of other benefits.

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