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The Glycemic Load & Index

Some foods can maker your blood sugar shoot up very fast. That's because carbohydrates like refined sugars and bread are easier for your body to change into glucose, the sugar your body uses for energy, than more slowly digested carbs like those in vegetables and whole grains. Eat a lot of those easy carbs and you'll have a hard time controlling your blood sugar and your weight!

The glycemic index or load (there are 2 different measures that do almost the same thing), gives you a way to tell slower acting 'good-carbs' from the faster 'bad carbs'. You can use it to fine-tune your carb counting and help to keep your blood sugar more steady.

It will also help you to recognise which carbs are better for you if you are on a calorie controlled diet.

Low GI foods are generally salads, leafy green veg, wholemeal grains etc.

Med GI foods are generally more starchy vegetables and whole foods but they do all cross over between the 3 levels.

High GI foods are generally foods to be kept to a minimum but this is not always the case. Hence this scale helps you to pinpoint which foods could help you to make better choices if you are on a calorie controlled diet.

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