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There is a plan for everyone!

This wonderful client came to me having never done any exercise whatsoever. She didn't know anything about food or cooking and was very nervous but realised she had to make radical lifestyle changes. I soon put her at ease and 'broke' her in very gently.

Maggie is a true Endomorph so it's very easy for her to put on weight but also build muscle, it's equally easy for Endomorphs to lose weight if they are given the right plan.

Maggie fully embraced the training and the food and it didn't take her long to become a whizz in the kitchen! She also discovered that she absolutely loved to lift weights and went on to buy all of her own equipment and set up a small gym in her garage.

After training with me for nearly a year she lost almost 5 stone in total and because she had gained so much knowledge and confidence she joined her local gym where she continues to lift weights and eat great food!

This is when I love my job. A lot of people just don't know what they need to do in order to get fit, there is also a lot of people that find the gym very intimidating. This is where I come in. To teach you how to lift weights and how much cardio you need and of course what food you should be eating and which food you should be avoiding, especially for your body type.

Certain body types like Endomorphs need to avoid certain foods, this lady was definitely sugar, sugary alcohol & white carbs as her body just doesn't metabolise these foods well. So finding the balance making sure you are not denying yourself all of your favourites and making swaps and small steps takes is key in your journey.

Sit down, get a pen and a pad and write a list of things you feel you should change.

Incorporate 2 hours per week of physical activity, even if it's just out walking, that counts. If you like swimming use that. This is the first thing to do.

Eat breakfast, even if its just a piece of fruit. You can have it later if you can't eat straight away. Do this the second week.

Incorporate more water every day, start with 1 litre but up it each week by half over the next few weeks until you hit around 3 litres a day, walk around with a big sports cup!

By week 4 start to look at cutting back on alcohol if you're a big drinker or if you binge on crisps and chocolate after dinner lets start cutting back on those too, you don't have to give it up just have it every other night then get it down to just one day a week over time and find better swaps. A good swap is greek yoghurt and honey in the evenings as a 'pudding' the protein in the yoghurt will help with sugar cravings and so will the honey.

This is how to start, obviously this may not be right for some but this is how simple it can look. Implement these changes slowly. Don't obsess over 'weight' just get to a place where you start to feel better and take it from there. As your confidence grows and you start to feel better you will do more.

This works, rushing and denying yourself does not. Take it slow.

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