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What's your body type?

Before you start any training and nutrition plan find out what your body type is. There are 3 distinct body types each have their own physical traits, however some people do cross over into 2 types. Here are the basic descriptions of each.


Hard to gain muscle (known as a “hardgainer”)

Slender frame

Narrow shoulders and hips

Narrow chest and abdomen

Small bone structure

Very fast metabolism


Medium build, rectangular/wedge body shape

Wide broad shoulders

Fairly lean with a hard body

Can gain muscle easily

Are usually strong

Muscled arms and legs


Usually short in height or stature

Difficult to lose body fat

Bulky physique, round body

Can gain both fat and muscle easily

Wide shoulders and hips

Knowing your body type and finding a coach who understands where you 'store' fat or 'build' muscle is essential to your goals.

Nutrition is also key when it comes to body type because one persons treat is another persons poison!

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