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8 weeks in, lean and lovely and ready for the summer.  Looking forward to the coming months. What a great client! 

To say this lady has been a dream to train is an understatement.  This is almost 3 months.  She has completely changed everything she does but was never on a 'diet' she just used the tools I gave her and worked hard and now she is ready for the summer, looks and feels fantastic and has created so sustainable habits that will keep her in shape forever!  

8 Weeks! all ready for her summer holidays.  Honestly,  just good nutrition and training has done this.  If you want it, it can be done. Lost 1 stone of fat!!!!! and a massive 21 inches. 

2 stone lost and still counting... This client has had the whole summer off and although she didn't train she kept to the food. She didn't put any significant weight on and now she's back ready to lose the rest! 

8 weeks, 11.6 lbs & 17 inches LOST! Macro splits 50% carbs 25% protein & 25% fat. Calories between 1200 & 1500 per day. Training 2x per week with me, plus swimming. Using VG food app, training app and the Neo comp scales. Posture greatly improved too.

So if you’d like to drop a stone in 8 weeks get in touch

Unfortunately me being dumb I took the 'before' photo's of this wonderful lady only 2 weeks ago so you really can't see the amazing difference she's made.  

7 Weeks in LOST 12.6lbs and a staggering 22 inches! Training with me 2x per week, 1x per week with a set program from me.  2 5k runs per week.  

Using the food app and set calorie and macro goals.  

Ladies have done the food, done the training and got results!  Either online only, nutrition only, or the whole package with face to face training too. 

Whatever your price bracket there is a way to do this with help motivation and finally success!

I’ve been using Josie on and off for 3 years now and she is absolutely amazing. When I train with her I feel on top of the world mentally and physically.
She helped me lose all my baby weight and feel confident in myself again.
I would 100% recommend her to everyone.


Update - after training for a year and a half Maggie successfully lost almost 5 Stone! 


Training should be fun. It can be very intimidating and unflattering at times when you’re out of breath, sweaty and flushed - Josie is so encouraging and positive that you forgot your situation at times!


My body has really benefitted from Josie's PT sessions - I have toned up and have turned a lot of my body fat into muscle. I don’t weigh myself as I don't believe in having scales but I know I feel much more confident both physically and mentally. Zoe Scutts


I have been training with Josie for nearly two years and I throughly recommend her as a PT.  


I found Josie because my exercise routine had begun to stagnate; swimming, running, yoga and pilates - were not working as I felt they should anymore and
I needed something else to bring my fitness levels up and tone my body.  


Training with Josie is never dull! Every session is different as Josie concentrates on different body areas for each session. These sessions are a combination of cardio and strength training using weights, kettlebells, machines and mat work.



At present I’m not able to manage the exercise but I'm working on that...although I’ve lost weight just by clean eating. I know there would be a huge change if I could include exercise too...the pics below show me at a size 18/20, 16 and now..size 14! I cleared out my wardrobe yesterday, something I was dreading but was pleasantly surprised and will most definitely keep with it! Book with Josie, she really knows her stuff, is very helpful and completely passionate and dedicated to her really is so much more to Josie than just a job. Sasha 

I highly recommend Josie Donovan! Josie has been my friend forever and has always told me that changing my food habits would help my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue….I eventually listened and so glad i did...i still have both but when I clean eat I notice a difference in energy levels and pain! I do slip sometimes but just carry on after…I’ve noticed  that I’ve stopped craving sugar and tend to pick the "clean" options more so the lifestyle change is definitely sinking in…I thought it would be hard but once it's in your head, it's there and becomes more and more natural.




Jessica McCarthy My journey so far... 

May 2016 Ok so here's me being VERY brave... Once upon a time I used to hide and shy away. My body is a mess still. BUT the first picture is when I started with Josie in January.. Second was last night- I'm a million miles away from where I want to be but I will not give up. That is some change in just 4 months. Most importantly I've only lost 13lbs in those 4 months, which I've totally beat myself up over. It's absolute madness. I'm really proud of this photo. Ditch the sad step people it really is rubbish!!


March 2016 I have been clean eating & training with Josie for 6 weeks now and can already see a huge difference in not only my appearance but my health. I love the classes and the energy that Josie puts into them. They are hard work, and by no means easy but they are worth while and over 6 weeks I can see how my fitness ability has come on massively - never in a million years did I think I would be able to do an 'assisted leg raise' or a burpee. It's pretty amazing how exercising can make you feel so happy. The support from the group is what keeps you going, no one judges you - and being a big girl that was my biggest worry. From the clean eating side I really enjoy it, its pretty eye opening what is put into food nowadays just to keep the best before date longer. I don't feel ill or sluggish anymore.


I started training with Josie in October 2015 having never trained before. I have previously tried every diet going. I joined Shape Shifters with the view that it's only a 6 week course. I didn't know anybody but with everyone in the same boat I quickly settled in. The food plan is simple to follow and so varied you can't get bored. If there was something I was unsure I could eat I'd just message Josie. Being joined to the support page is a massive help with a constant stream of food ideas for any part of the day or night.


The classes are fun. The girls are great. I love the variety of classes and it is surprising how fast your fitness builds up. I'm a PCOS sufferer and after my first 6 weeks session I had a cycle after a year without one!


I'm into my 4th 6 week session and can't imagine not doing it. I'm addicted. I'm happier, have more energy, sleep better and am finally confident about myself. I'm also two stone lighter. It just takes a little determination and Josie does the rest for you. Leanne Hussey



Josie is fun, loud and doesn't let you wimp out! She is dedicated and works in a holistic way to help you meet your individual goals... She also makes me laugh... big plus point when you're training in a downpour! Emma

Kirsti Knott I have been training with Josie since April 2015 with just a 6 week break. This is my second round of Shape Shifters and I am thoroughly enjoying the group. The support from everyone is brilliant not just at classes but on the Facebook page too - it really does spur you on and inspires you to keep going or to share and try new recipes.


Exercising 3 x a week and eating clean makes me feel fantastic - I have far more energy than before, get less back/shoulder pain than I did before (I haven't had to visit the Osteopath in 5 months!), my skin is clear, my hair is growing quicker and my mood and confidence has improved massively!! And of course I'm dropping fat and toning up which was the reason I started in the first place!!


Josie is great - always available if you need a chat, some motivation or advice and constantly strives to come up with new ideas and shares new info as she learns it. I'd recommend Shapeshifters to anyone - it works out at £20 a week ... the price of a takeaway or a weeks worth of ready meals!!

Since having my first child in 2012 I have tried and failed at getting back into shape. I joined Davd Lloyd in Larkfield and a Zumba class in Canary Wharf but stopped going after the initial classes as they were not enjoyable and felt more like a chore. I gave birth to my second child in August and was inspired by a friend who has with the help of a personal trainer lost loads of body fat and is now super toned. I bought the bodycoach diet plan but knew I wouldn't be discliplined to do the workouts, so I searched local PT's and came across Josie. My husband didn't know what to get me as a "push present", I could have got a new designer bag, which would have been the easier option, but instead I asked for a few PT classes and a 6 week Shape Shifter course.  


I found Josie so easy to get on with, she isn't just a trainer she is a friend. I like the way she gets involved in the workouts and she will openly say which exercise she doesn't enjoy, this helps at times when you are feeling exhausted and cannot face a move, it's nice to know it's not just you who is feeling it and you can push through the wall together.  


I really love how 'hand's on' Josie is, she is always on the end of a phone if you need advice on food, stretching, muscle recovery, you DO NOT get that level of service from a gym! The Shapeshifters group is really good for motivation, I recently commented on a post where someone was feeling demotivated, within 5 mins all the ladies had commented and words of encouragement, it's so nice to feel that everyone is looking out for each other. I love seeing what people are eating and copying their recipes and sharing my own. Amanda McVey



Losing weight wasn't my goal, I really didn't need to. But after walking up the stairs and getting out of breath I decided that I NEEDED to get fitter, as it wasn't normal for a person my age! Josie has helped me to improve my fitness and posture and she has made me realise just how important clean eating really is. The results were visible after just few weeks and I have never felt better both physically and mentally. Although working in a group, Josie challenged me as an individual, tailoring the exercises to suit my individual needs and fitness level. I would definitely recommend! Julie


"Dearest Josie, thank you thank you, thank you fat or giving me the confidence when walking down the isle. Ladies Josie trained me on the lead up to my wedding.


My results were fantastic even though I work out regularly and have had personal trainers in the past Josie Has managed to give me what none of them could, a tailor made body... Metabolic Effect and kettlebells have toned all the bits I wanted and Josie has given me so much more confidence and a passion for new ways of training, plus I have made an amazing friend.


So please if you keep saying I want that great body that so and so has, get off your butt and let her help you she really cares". Jennifer Lee




Since May to July I lost 22 inches & 10.5lbs. July to Sept 17 inches and 6lbs. This is EPIC!!


I used a combination of hard work, laser lipo and I also did a strip down diet for a holiday to give me extra trimmness.


Total May to September 16 weeks 39 inches and 16.5lbs. Vicki


I can highly recommend Josie Donovan Personal Training she is amazing at what she does, she took into account all my injuries and tailored a plan for me and it worked. I lost 12 inches from my waist I was so happy, she helped me prepare to climb Kilimanjaro and I could not have lost the inches without her support and help, she answered all my questions with honesty and professionalism, she is a fantastic PT". Vicki L Lasseter


I'm definitely obsessed I absolutely love your classes and you! You're so motivating and you're the first person I've met that actually asks where can you feel that and you watch my every move which means I have to keep going! Pleassssse do another class!" Hannah Jane Thompson


I have already completed three sessions with Josie. She made me believe it was possible to achieve what you want no matter the age. After a back injury her advice allowed me to return to an active lifestyle. Working out with Josie has filled me with such joy and optimism and I now, can't imagine my life without it. - Magdalena Szczechowicz

Sue Jayes I decided to invest money in myself instead of always treating my family. This was for me. I'd never done kettle bells, dumb bells or boxing in my life before. After the first couple of classes I felt I had been steam rollered, my whole body ached. There were certain exercises I couldn't do but gradually they became easier. Josie manages all abilities and recognises everyone's capabilities. She is tough but kind, she is great, going to miss her, can't commit to the next six weeks but will be back.  



Michelle Blackaby I'd done Josie's a couple of years ago and found them brilliant and most of all they worked. So when I stopped and then had my second baby I had to rebook with her and nobody else because Josie is brilliant at what she dose and her classes are simply FANTASTIC!!! Not only that Josie also supports us and gives us a wide variety of information for meal ideas, ways for a healthier lifestyle etc. Her FB page is full of information and if you need questions answered at all she'll get back to you really quickly. I've found it really useful.


I would definitely recommend Josie's shape Shifters course to anyone looking to get fit and feel more healthy! Josie is very motivating and knowledgeable and always on hand to give advice regarding all aspects of diet and fitness. The Facebook page is great with loads of support from the other members of the group, and the classes are really fun with loads of variety so you never get bored. I can't believe how much better I feel in such a short space of time, I used to suffer with stomach problems (ibs) and regular headaches but I can honestly say that I haven't had any symptoms since I started the course and changed my diet, and also have bags more energy and can now fit into my old jeans! Best thing I ever did, far better than any gym or general exercise class, thanks Josie!!.

Debby Burchill


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