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August 8, 2017


Monthly cost £60 per month 3 month contract


  • Initial consultation via Skype/Facetime 60+ minutes 

  • Personal flexibility and corrective exercise plan 

  • Personal nutrition overview

  • Personal Pinterest boards for added guidance and links to exercise/stretches/food

  • Personal training programs x3 (dependent on level)

  • App to use for training 

  • Personalised Macro breakdown based on weight/height/body type

  • My Fitness Pal interaction & daily contact via MFP diary access

  • Unlimited text access to trainer 24/7

  • Weekly Skype/Facetime call 30+ minutes 

  • Facebook online community access (connect with other clients)




The initial consultation via Skype/Facetime will enable the trainer to gather information relevant to your goals and aspirations, the bottom line being how can we help you and what plan do we need to implement to get there.  No two people are the same so this is not a one size fits all approach, this is a bespoke service which is used on our one to one face to face clients.  The consultation is the most important part of the journey and is a fact finding mission to analyse your lifestyle, how and where you are fitness wise, how you eat, how to implement good habits and change negative behaviour that could have sabotaged your goals in the past.   


The trainer will gather your information: health, old/new injuries, postural analysis, core strength and general motor skills, this is done visually at the time of the consultation so you will be required to wear training clothes, you will be asked to perform some exercises to ascertain your strength in those areas.  This will be the building blocks of your flexibility and corrective exercise program which you will be required to do each day for a few minutes.  In order to write you a program that you can do we first must make sure that we know what you can do to avoid any injuries or to exacerbate any old ones.  Most people have something they will need to work on to strengthen them from within, making you stronger on the inside will make you stronger on the outside.  




Included in the consultation will be a detailed analysis of your lifestyle, everyone is different so no two profiles are ever the same. This part of your profile is based on time constraints, how you eat, what you eat, when you eat, some people work all day and do not have the time to do much cooking, this will reflect in their plan.  Others just need to know the difference between healthy and unhealthy food because believe it or not there is a lot of confusion out there when it comes to what you can actually eat.  This plan will give you all the answers to fit with your lifestyle.  


After the initial consultation and within 24 hours you will receive a detailed email putting in place the foundations of your plan.  Starting off with the corrective exercises/stretches you will need to do and listing the points which we feel we can work on to help you make some changes.  Habits will be set and we will back all of this information up using Pinterest a visual tool to help you to see exactly how to perform these exercises/stretches.  You will be sent a personal link to your board.  This board will grow throughout the coming weeks and is there for you to use daily.  


Included in the email & Pinterest will be your own training program one you will be required to do 3x per week or more dependent on your level and what your goals are.  Some people will require less than 3 programs some will require 3. It is completely dependent on where you are fitness wise.  These programs will be built upon and changed throughout the course of the contract.  Using Pinterest as a reference and knowing the exercises you can then start to use the app Ultra Timer this app/timer costs £1.99 and the trainer can email over your program which will then feed into the app, you can take this app to the gym or anywhere else you wish to train. 




Personalised body type analysis is vital when it comes to your macros, this will be looked at and given your height/weight/goals/activity levels we can then give you the best macro split for your body type.  Not all calories are equal and no two people are the same.  For instance body types that tend to store fat around their middle generally do not metabolise some carbohydrates (sugar) very well so this would be something we can work on to eliminate.  Using My Fitness Pal you will add your trainer to your friends list and give them access to your diary.  This way the trainer can then look at what you are eating and comment on a daily basis.  Contact, support is all included in this contract and you will be required to fill this diary out every day and to be held accountable if you do not.  After all we are here for you so use this service.  


Initially you will have lots of questions, you may be a little confused after all this is a massive learning curve for you.  With this in mind you will have access to your trainer 24/7 to ask anything you wish regarding your training or your food.  We endeavour to answer promptly but sometimes this will not be until the evening.  If you are going out for a meal do your research and let your trainer know, you can email over the menu and they can help you to make the best food choices.




Weekly Skype/Facetime calls are how we touch base these can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on how much you need.  Contact is vitally important with face to face training, online training it is even more paramount.  So make sure you schedule in these calls each week.  


Facebook community is an online group to be set up where all of the participants can come together and talk about how they are getting on.  This group is there for you to add comments, post photos, talk food, talk training, give your ideas and tips, ask questions, meet others and use every day.  This community is run by your trainer and is another support network. 


You will also be required to take body statistics - Measurements, weight, height, photos.  This is required every 2 - 4 weeks and you will need to send this to your trainer so that we know that you are on the right track and keep you there. 


For more information regarding this package please call Josie 07915918551 








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